School Costs

It only costs £50 a year to pay for a child’s education in Zambia (£80 if school fees have to be paid for children in Grades 8-12). That includes: uniform, shoes, school books and other equipment etc... that equates to a months salary for the average Zambian, or the same as the cost of a good night out in London!


Below are the costs of sending a kid to school in Zambia for one year in 2009:

GRADES 1-7                          

Uniform                    £15

Shoes                       £10  

Books                       £10  

Equipment                £15  

TOTAL                      £50 per year (£5 per month) donate here


All of the above        £50

3 x Term Fees         £20

Exam Fee                £10

TOTAL                    £80 per year (£7 per month) donate here

Our approach is simple; we identify individual children who are unable to attend school and provide the funds for them to do so and to enjoy the education they deserve.

The costs of other valuable items for the kids we sponsor are listed below:

£5         A course of medicines

£5         A simple solar cooker

£10       A biomass cooker

£10       A football

£20       A solar torch

£75       A bicycle

£140    A laptop               

£200    Three meals a day for a year