Post pandemic visit to Rwanda

In December 2021 Volker and Oli made a short visit to Rwanda – after the COVID pandemic kept them away for more than two years; they were delighted, as always, to catch up with some of the current and former Dreike Scholarship Fund students.

Most of the scholars are thriving; doing well in their studies or have found fulfilling jobs. It was wonderful to hear their news, and even more of a thrill to learn that three of the former students that DSF used to sponsor – Joseph, Elie and Emmanuel – had recently set up and registered a local NGO  – Equitable Health Organization Rwanda  – with the aim of providing education and healthcare opportunities to disabled children from their surrounding community. We are so proud of this initiative – as this is what we had dreamt of when we sent up DSF in 2008 – that those we sponsored would go on to help others in their communities less fortunate than themselves.